15. January 2024

New World Christianity Studies and Asymmetrical Dependency (WCSAD) Working Group New World Christianity Studies and Asymmetrical Dependency (WCSAD) Working Group

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new World Christianity Studies and Asymmetrical Dependency (WCSAD) Working Group at the BCDSS! The aim of the new working group will be to provide an international and interdisciplinary platform for exploring the relationship between world Christianity studies and Asymmetrical dependency research through discussions and collaborative projects. 


New WCSAD Working Group
New WCSAD Working Group © BCDSS
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What does the WCSAD Group do? 

Discuss: The WCSAD working group meets monthly in a hybrid format (in person and online via Zoom). Most sessions include talks or panel discussions from one or more invited experts. After the talks, the floor is opened for an extended period of informal discussion. Sessions may include a limited number of pre-circulated readings of 100 pages or less. 

Collaborate: The WCSAD working group is a collaborative endeavor. Within the University of Bonn, the group includes members at all levels of the BCDSS, students, researchers, and professors from Bonn’s Catholic and Protestant Faculties of Theology, along with representatives of other institutes and cohorts from across the university. We also have the pleasure of collaborating with members and representatives of theological education institutions around the world. 

Share: The WCSAD working group aims to share the results of its discussions as broadly as possible. Public events, workshops, and seminars will be planned by members of the working group, which will also engage in other projects. 


23 January 2024, 4–6 PM (CET): "Discursive Foundations for the WCSAD Working Group"

David B. Smith


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