07. October 2022

New book by Pia Wiegmink New book by Pia Wiegmink

The new book "Abolitionist Cosmopolitanism" by Cluster Professor Dr. Pia Wiegmink has been published by Brill!

Prof. Dr. Pia Wiegmink
Prof. Dr. Pia Wiegmink © Barbara Frommann
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Abolitionist Cosmopolitanism redefines the potential of American antislavery literature as a cultural and political imaginary by situating antislavery literature in specific transnational contexts and highlighting the role of women as producers, subjects, and audiences of antislavery literature. Pia Wiegmink draws attention to locales, authors, and webs of entanglement between texts, ideas, and people. Perceived through the lens of gender and transnationalism, American antislavery literature emerges as a body of writing that presents profoundly reconfigured literary imaginations of freedom and equality in the United States prior to the Civil War.

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