19. September 2023

Out Now: Volume 9 of the BCDSS book series "Dependency and Slavery Studies" Out Now: Volume 9 of the BCDSS book series "Dependency and Slavery Studies"

Comparative and Global Framing of Enslavement

Congratulations to BCDSS Speaker Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann as well as Prof. Dr. Youval Rotman, Prof. Dr. Ehud R. Toledano, and Prof. Dr. Rachel Zelnick-Abramovitz (Tel Aviv University, Israel) on the publication of their edited volume Comparative and Global Framing of Enslavement

This volume explores new perspectives that comprise both historical and contemporary forms of slavery. This development, which could certainly be termed a turn in the study of slavery, has also led to an increased awareness of enslavement as a global phenomenon, calling for a comparative, trans-regional approach across time-space divides. Though different aspects of enslavement in different societies and eras are discussed, each of the volume’s three parts contributes to, and has benefitted from, a global perspective of enslavement. The contributions in Part One propose to structure the global examination of the theoretical, ideological, and methodological aspects of the "global," "local," and "glocal." Part Two, "Regional and Trans-regional Perspectives of the Global," presents, through analyses of historical case studies, the link between connectivity and mobility as a fundamental aspect of the globalization of enslavement. Finally, Part Three deals with personal points of view regarding the global, local, and glocal. 

Download Volume 9 via Open Access

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