BCDSS DEI Certificate

Active training and awareness building isare tools used by the BCDSS to create a discrimination-free education and work environment. As the topic of diversity in academia gains importance in Germany, training our members to better understand the experiences of people with different backgrounds, cultures, ages, races, genders, sexuality, religions, physical conditions, and beliefs helps to raise their awareness of discrimination and appreciate the value of diversity in the academic context. Specialised DEI trainings and lectures help to provide members with practical tools to protect themselves from discrimination and to work in greater harmony with diverse groups. 

Why words matter: A workshop on language
Why words matter: A workshop on language © BCDSS

The BCDSS DEI Certificate

Every year, the BCDSS organises a number of lectures, workshops and trainings covering various aspects of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Participation in these events is voluntary, and members who join trainings receive a certificate of completion. BCDSS PhD Researchers may also receive credits for participating in DEI trainings.

DEI Trainings and lectures are organised along two general themes. Theme A focuses on topics related to ‘Developing Safe & Inclusive Spaces’, some topics covered under this theme include:

• Eliminating discrimination & racism
• Protection against sexual harassment
• Identifying & dealing with unconscious bias
• Maintaining health & work life balance

Theme B addresses ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Concepts & Practice in Academia’ with a focus on:

• Understanding diversity aspects in academic contexts
• Appreciating the value of diversity
• Working in diverse settings
• Diversity-appropriate language & terminologies

The BCDSS DEI Certificate is awarded to members that complete at least two trainings from each theme and attend at least one lecture from the DEI lecture series.

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